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Paolo Afferi – Lost 40kg in 18 months


Paolo Afferi, aged 40 years old, managed to lose just under 40 kgs in over 18 months. He had a major health scare, then joined Results Weight Loss. He now looks and feels so much better. He has done this for his health and for his family also. Now he regularly runs anywhere from 5-13 kms.

Paolo Afferi

Helena Kasem’s – Lost 40kg


At 22, I am probably one of Carmel’s youngest clients. Although I was a chubby but active kid, it wasn’t till my teens that I started to gain too many extra kilos. I knew I needed to lose weight but couldn’t really find the motivation to do it. Meal replacement shakes, soup diets etc etc managed to budge a few kilos but they become boring and I would soon go back to my old habits. Upon consultation with my doctor, I went to see a dietician who steered me along the right nutritional path, but it just wasn’t working for me. I was planning a trip overseas and I knew I needed to be fit so, I joined the gym, tried to eat right, but I was not really getting the results I wanted.

Although I saw some progress, I still felt I was chasing my tail and not really achieving my goal. Speaking with others that were trying to do as I was, exchanging information and providing encouragement, someone referred me to ‘Results Weight Loss.’

It was time to get serious and change my life.

I joined ‘Results Weight Loss’ in July 2012 and with Carmel’s guidance and motivation, I started to see real results. With Carmel’s help, her recipes and her pep talks and especially her “No Bulls**t” attitude to weight loss, I am now a changed person. Carmel is a straight talker, she assures you the weight will come off if you follow her plan and take the program seriously.

When I first started at ‘results weight loss’, I don’t think I was aware of just where my journey would lead me. There has been tears and “Grumpy days” but I can confidently say that for the most part it has been an enjoyable, exciting and fulfilling journey. I know I have the confidence and the will power to prepare healthy meals, enjoy exercise, get fit and wear whatever I want. I believe that ‘XXL’ will never be part of my wardrobe again!!!! I feel fabulous and extremely happy and proud of myself and it really feels wonderful when someone notices that I look different.

Carmel has been instrumental in helping me find the determination to make the changes I needed to lose almost 40 kg. I now have my goal weight in sight and feel like a maintenance program is well within reach, a little planning and keeping up the good eating habits will be easier now I know how!! Exercise has become my new routine, I play netball and volleyball and I am excited for summer and I can’t wait to shop for new summer clothes!

Dreams can come true, with hard work and determination and support from those who love and care for you. I love the new me and I thank Carmel for the help and guidance she has provided and for showing me that goals can be achieved with a little effort and belief in yourself! I look forward to my ‘weigh in’ , Carmel’s motivational chats, even when she has to give me a verbal ‘SLAP’ to get me back on track. It’s been an awesome journey so far and I hope that I have encouraged others to ‘ have a go’ , make a change and look forward to a happy,healthier life. If I can do it, anyone can.

Halena Kasem’s

Elvira – Lost 34kg


I’m 39 years old, I was born on the 23rd of January 1972. (there’s a reason why I m giving you my Date of Birth – that will come later). Since childhood I’ve always had a tendency to overeat and thus be a big girl. This is largely due to my Italian roots and having a loving mother who could not stand to see anyone hungry or thirsty. (post war migration brought across people’s hopes, dreams as well as their childhood fears). I was brought up to eat till you couldn’t eat anymore and just keep going for a bit more in case there was any room left. MANGI MANGIA MANGIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So over the last five or so years the weight just kept piling on and I avoided many realities pertaining to declined health, increased body pain and just general lethargy. Food became my drug and I turned to it when feeling down, bored tired and just experiencing a general feeling of lack lustre.

When I was bigger (my gosh I sound like one of those reformed smokers don’t i? “before I saw the light etc etc lol”).

Anyway, I hated that I struggled with menial tasks such as putting my socks and shoes on. I found myself pulling out of social functions because of not having anything to wear or because I wasn’t feeling well. Truth was I was struggling to walk and just sit somewhere comfortable. My body was becoming a massively hideous place to house myself.

So, my partner and I both fell victims of our own work routine, lethargy, lack of motivation and then just kept spiralling and spiralling into habits of overeating, planking in front of the TV, going to bed and then starting all over again the next day.

My beautiful brother in Law Steven called me and said he and his wife were going to start a program and would my partner and I like to join him. Initially I was happy and then I panicked! I keep thinking up all excuses as to why it would not work for me. But I thought I’d do it to support my brother in law & his wife, so we could all do it together, but deep down I knew I was doing it for myself!

Meeting Carmel Wilkinson for the first time was like being smacked in the head with a giant Wasabi stick! – a massive pleasure and pain all at the same time A great pleasure because of the rush of excitement of eminent change, but panic-filled due to the self doubt and the internal fear built up over the years.

After I ate my first meal on Carmel’s program I found myself wanting to cry – not because of what I was about to eat but more so for the shame of what meals had come before this meal for so long. My partner and I certainly had each other as a source of inspiration and encouragement but we would NEVER have achieved this massive weight loss together if it were for that massive smack in the head on WEDNESDAY 26th January!

Carmel, whilst I speak for myself in this forum I know I speak for both my partner and I when I say you have changed our lives!

OUR DAILY ROUTINE PRIOR TO LOSING 32 kilo’s: WAKE UP late probably 7.30pm or 8pm sometimes, heavy carb breakfast, DRIVE TO WORK, DRIVE HOME, COOK HIGH CARB HEAVY FOOD, PLONK ON THE COUCH, GO TO BED AT MIDNIGHT (STRUGGLING TO GET UP OFF THE COUCH), Struggle to have a good night’s rest due to back pain, sore stomach, body aches all over, struggle finding comfortable position to sleep in.

Weekend: avoid physical movement, drive everywhere and park as close to the destination as possible.


– Wake up 6.15AM 30 minute treadmill/bike/weights

– Eat healthy breakfast

– Drive to work

– Extra spring in my step all day

– Come home

– After weekly planning and thought, prepare easy healthy high fibre, protein and low carb meal.

– Clean house or visit friend/relative, or listen to music, music practice, shopping, go for a walk or anything active.

– Go to bed feeling buggered from actually DOING SOMETHING


– Weekends are walking being active, cleaning, visiting, dancing, socializing, clothes shopping.

We still love our food but it isn’t a drug or a source of punishment and guilt. And someone once said to me (possibly carmel) it’s a drug you actually need in some doses. It’s not like alcohol or heroin or other drugs where once a person eliminates it from their system it’s gone forever – with food, you actually need it for daily survival.

So whilst my date of birth was 23/01/72 i will always commemorate 26th January 2011 as the day my life Started again!

Don’t get me wrong. Whilst I’ve been able to keep the weight off for some time now I still take nothing for granted and am always cautious about portions and food choices. I WONT LET MYSELF GET “TOO COCKY” coz I know just how quickly things can change. That’s why I choose to stick to my routine during the week no matter whose birthday it is or even if the pope visits for afternoon tea

Carmel darling, you have changed our lives! You are a professional person paid to do a service but I want you to know WE LOVE YOU very much for what you have done for us. We appreciate the day your presence smacked us in the head like a giant Wasabi stick!


Thank you so much!


Maggie Murphy (Aged 55) – Lost 28.6kg in 8 months


Maggie didn’t use excuses, she just got on with the job at hand. She embraced change and thus changed her life. Maggie is a Mid Wife, and works many long days and lots of night shifts too. But she still did the necessary work with food preparation and exercise and got the result she had struggled to achieve for years.

Maggie had a weight problem since she was a teenager, she had tried everything. She’s married with 4 children, and she became bigger with every child. She didn’t like the look of herself in photos, she didn’t like how she was feeling, and looking.  She took a last look in the mirror and called Results Weight Loss for help.

“On October 1st, 2012 I went and saw Carmel. I opened my heart to her and she informed me that she would support me, but I needed to support myself too. The first week I lost 3.8kgs, this was the start of my steady weight loss. By the time I had my holiday, I had lost 8kgs and started to feel great.  On return I’d lost a further 2.6kgs and felt that I could continue as the results were starting to show.  Compliments from friends and work collegues came, but Carmel said not to listen too much to them, to continue with the plan to lose weight and focus on my goal.  The weekly weigh in and measurement and motivation I got from Carmel were very helpful. I started to take responsibility, which is what Carmel wanted for me.

After 10 months, which included Christmas & my sons 21st birthday etc (these were usually times when I would have eaten and drank to my hearts content) I am now learning how to balance it all.   I take this opportunity to thank Carmel for the weekly advice, weigh ins and chats about life. Without her I would be tipping nearly 100 kgs and now I feel so much better in myself. I would like others to be inspired to follow my path with exercise & healthy eating, you can do it too.”

Maggie Murphy – aged 55

Anthony – Lost 98.2kg in 11 months


I joined Results Weight Loss in 23rd of October 2006 and subsequently lost 98.2 kgs in 12 months.  I have travelled from Cobram, in country Victoria to see Carmel Wilkinson.

At the start, I was coming weekly, but the travel was very difficult, so then started seeing Carmel every two weeks.  I started exercising, and have now developed a great enjoyment in exercise. I’ve learned to swim, I am riding and walking and taking many classes at my local gym.  This is something I could never do before.

I have improved the quality of my life 100% to where I was before and I know my life couldn’t keep going the way I was living before.  Carmel’s way of encouraging and motivating me to change my ways was the factor in my success.  I needed her help to improve my life.  I have the support and encouragement of a great family, and they, along with my friends are all happy for me.

My self esteem is greatly improved, and I am now doing many things I could never do before.  I am more confident, more energetic, more lively, more happier than I have been in years.

I highly recommend Results Weight Loss to anyone who has tried everything, but needs a simple structured, no nonsense approach to help improve or even save their lives.

Thanks Carmel for all your help. I am where I am today through your special guidance.


Jodie – Lost 40.1kg in 12 months


I found this program with Carmel, very satisfying as it suited me financially and was a very straight forward program that is aimed for a life change not just a quick fix in loosing weight.

The Meetings with Carmel were on a weekly basis that gave me the opportunity to follow her recipes, that were quick to prepare and very easy to follow. My motivation with exercise was seeing Carmel and getting fantastic results in my weight loss. It was not quickly, but it was very satisfying.

I got a lot of benefits from seeing Carmel weekly, as Carmel just pushes and pushes and motivates you do better every week. I am feeling absolutely fantastic about myself now.  My fat clothes have all gone, and I am now finding it so much easier to go Shopping and just buy whatever I like and at any shop I  like, not just the BIG stores. Its not just the clothes its also the fact that I can enjoy myself now with any kind of sports or exercise with an I CAN  DO attitude.

Now my friends look at me twice to just recognize me and that even feels very rewarding. Before I had even Started with Carmel, I thought I looked ok, I didn’t feel as fat as I was but in fact I was morbid obese.  I was okay until a medical scare and thought it was time to take care of me as I have a young child to look after, Thank you Carmel, and if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t been feeling this great about my Life.



Stephanie – Lost 43kg


When beginning my weight loss journey I was after a program that told me EXACTLY what to do. I didn’t want choices of food. I didn’t want any prepared meals or replacements. This is exactly what Results Weight Loss offers.

Each week I received a personal one on one consultation comprising of being weighed and measured as well as a check in of the week gone. Then a custom planned meal plan for the following week was designed.

The format is fantastic, your progress and weekly meal plan is laid out in plain English and you have all the recipes you need for the week. The meals are quick, easy and family friendly.

Another excellent component of the program is the weekly emails. I found these incredibly inspiring and motivating, a great way to start the week.

The no nonsense approach is by far what makes Results Weight Loss the success that it is. I was equipped the tools that will ensure that my health and the health of my family is maintained by the healthy lifestyle that we now lead.

I feel the most important change that has occurred in me mentally (the physical changes are obvious) is that I no longer look at food as entertainment. The enjoyment is with spending time with friends and family or visiting somewhere special, the food has now become secondary.

I now eat until I am no longer hungry. The desire to feel full to bursting left as soon as my pants started to do up more easily.

The results I see each good week and the lessons I learn on the bad weeks are so motivating. I’m regaining self-esteem and confidence, a whole new wardrobe or clothes that I had outgrown. The confident capable girl has returned and I am ecstatic.


Matt – Lost 18.8kg in 11 weeks


Dear Carmel,

I’ve tried every diet known to man in the past, but nothing worked. Then I came to Results Weight Loss, and it’s worked, and I feel terrific.

I have plenty of energy, everyone at work is constantly telling me how much better I’m looking. I feel fabulous.  The foods I’m eating is delicious, and I never dreamed that food could be so nice, and lose weight too.  The first couple of weeks were harder, then routine set in, and I’m so used to eating healthy that I don’t miss my other foods.
You’ve taught me to eat well, and to eat sometimes foods sometimes without losing control again.

I have related well with you and your no bullshit approach to men and women.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey with weight loss, and look forward to a healthy maintenance plan with you in the future.

I feel young, but before I lost my weight, I felt tired and old. Thanks Carmel for being the instrument, helping me help myself to a healthy lifestyle, that I can keep up for life.


Anthony – Lost 100.1kg in 9 months


Dear Carmel

Thanks to your help –
I’m able to wear my seat belt properly.
I’m able to glance at myself in the mirror not rush by it.
I have confidence that I can achieve things.
I’m enjoying my life, my family, my lovely wife.
I like the compliments people give me when they see me.
I’m going to strive and achieve my goals.

I want to get rid of this excess skin and see how good I can look by my next birthday, I should be well and truly where I want to be by then.

So I, Anthony, especially thank you Carmel because 12 months ago looking and feeling good about myself was a distant memory. So thank you very very much.

I would like to thank you for your help and inspiration in making me look and feel 100% better.


Courtney – Lost 40kg in 5 months


Thank you for helping me get my life back! Prior to meeting you, my life revolved around eating. I tried to hide my bad habits from my husband and family by eating in private. I thought that if no one saw me eat, the calories wouldn’t count. But I was fooling myself. I was a size 20 and now a size 12. When I was at my heaviest, I couldn’t buy clothes from normal stores, I kept my husband awake with my snoring, my ankles ached, I started to get numb legs, I was out of breath, I avoided exercise as much as possible. Hot weather would make me cringe, as I dared not wear anything to expose my legs, this left me hot, sweaty and constantly lying to people about not feeling the heat. I found out about you, but put it off with more excuses to myself, until after the birth of my second child, and the realisation that I couldn’t be the mother or person I wanted to be, so I sought your help. Now I have more energy, I am never hungry. I have committed to your program 100% and have seen my weight fall off. Now 5 months later and almost 40 kgs lighter, I feel amazing. My confidence has grown, I’m able to participate in sporting activities, run around the park with my kids,  climb stairs & dance without being breathless & exhausted. I can shop for clothes easily now, and look great in them.  I can sit on seats without thinking it might collapse, and I don’t feel the heat anymore. I can’t repay you for this new life I have. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Cheers.